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Friday, August 15, 2008

When Reached for Comment, Warren Sapp Punched a Reporter In the Face

If you've paid attention to anything the New England Patriots have done over the last seven years, you can't be surprised by their latest move: signing John Lynch to a one-year, $1.5 million deal.

With the brittle Rodney Harrison and James Sanders each one play away from missing the rest of the season, Lynch is a perfect insurance policy for a Patriots secondary that is thin.

Tank Williams was signed during the off-season and there was talks of him playing a hybrid safety-linebacker role, near the line of scrimmage. He did that for about three plays before an injury in the first preseason game ended his season before it ever really started.

The Lynch move is a low risk, high reward deal. Exactly like picking up Junior Seau two summers ago, the Pats brought in a smart, tough, experienced Pro-Bowler, who still has some fire left, looking for one more ring (or in Seau's case one ring period).

Opposing fans, coaches and players around the league despise the Patriots but in times like this, it seems like they're usually playing checkers while Bill Belichick and VP of Personnel Scott Pioli are playing chess.

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