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Friday, December 22, 2006

The holiday season GO EAGLES!@!@!$@!!@

Well I get to spend the birthday of that really really nice guy who got in trouble for telling people to be good to each other at my girlfriend's house. It's a great opportunity for me to get drunk with her family and make an ass of myself. But supposively there's going to be a ping pong table and that should alleviate some of the akwardness.

It's a bittersweet time to be a Philly sports fan right now. The Sixers and Flyers are the absolute drek of their respective leagues. The Sixers just traded a future hall of famer and the face of their franchise for a decade for a slightly above average point guard, a washed up forward and two low first draft picks. Like Bill Simmons of ESPN has been saying it is getting 50 cents for a dollar. Furthermore, the guy making the draft picks is the guy responsible for making the Sixers the worst team in the league.

I won't waste any bandwidth on hockey and the Flyers.

The big story in Philadelphia right now is the showdown being played on the birthday of that really really nice guy who got in trouble for telling people to be good to each other between the birds and the cowboys. Romo vs. the Homo(well according to Terrell Owens). If you look at the game objectively, the ebb and flow and the intangibles seemingly favor the Cowboys. It is a revenge game, they are at home, the Eagles have won 2 consecative division road games with this game being a 3rd straight and the Cowboys are thirsty for a division title.

However, I think most Eagle fans are cautiously optimistic for good reason. They are in a position they have no right being in. Just a few weeks ago, nobody expect to even compete for a playoff spot, let alone control their own destiny for the division. Everyone's expectations were lowered signifigantly. Now they are playing well again and the expectations have been surpassed. And it is not like the Cowboys defense is playing great. They've allowed the fullback to score 6 TD's in the last 2 games. The have no cover safeties. If you can contain their pass rush, they can be beaten downfield, like in the first game between the two.

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! ! ! !

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas! But I'm a Jew....

Every holiday season I am bombarded with various holiday stuff. And by holiday I mean, Christmas. Everything from marketing, music, TV specials, tacky sweaters , food, and of course a gas station decked out like a Christmas Village.

The only issue is that I'm Jewish. No horns here, just a sense of entitlement and maybe a big schnozz.

I start out the season by taking all the Christmas celebrations in stride, but eventually I seem to reach a breaking point. Case in point; I entered a store last night and was greeted with, " Happy Holidays". No problem. However, when I left a clerk said, "I hope you got everything on your Christmas list". I found this offensive and inconsiderate. I can't stand the notion of people just assuming everyone celebrates Christmas. I wonder if shoppers would feel the same if I said, "I hope you bought all your Hanukkah gifts". Oh well, I think South Park sums this up best.......

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Let's Take This Out on Wall Street?

I was tipped off on this story via a caller to 610 WIP yesterday afternoon and now the NY Post has the details.

Apparently NY Giants fans can't take a little jarring from brokers on the New York Stock Exchange. The grandson of late Giants owner Wellington Mara attacked an Eagles fan after he joked about the Giants loss.

Per the NY Post:

"Mara started screaming, 'I'm gonna f- - -ing kill you! Don't f- - - around with my family! Don't insult my family!' " one broker said.

"Bob was like, 'Hey, what is your problem? It's just a game!' And Mara yells, 'No, it's not just a game, it's my f- - -ing family!' "...

[Tomasulo on gloating about the Eagles' win]: "[Yesterday] morning, I just did that stupid little jump shot, and I said, 'Maybe you have a basketball team instead of a football team.'

"[Mara] just snapped. He charged me like an animal. He charged me like he wanted to sack me.

"At first, he got me in a bear hug and bent me over a trading post. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then he proceeded to choke me. I passed out for a minute."

A broker who witnessed the incident said, "When it was over, Mara walked back to his booth and was just kind of laughing it off."

The best part is that the Eagles fan mocked the Giants cheesy jump shot. Personally I still prefer James Thrash's pointing-to-the-sky celebration after a 3 yard catch. Regardless, Eagles and Giants fans just can't seem to get along, and let's keep it that way. G-Men who?

Photograph of the New York Stock Exchange by mihow on Flickr

SNL Actually Does Something Funny

Hilarious digital short from Adam Sandberg and the surprisingly funny Justin Timberlake. Shades of Color Me Bad with a holiday touch. (Warning-Dirty Language)

Sandberg is responsible for Lazy Sunday and the Natalie Portman rap . To see some great pre-SNL videos from Sandberg head over to The Lonely Island

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Killers: Sam's Town

Strap in kids, it's time for my first record review of our new blog. Instead of reviewing a brand new record I am choosing a record that I recently have not been able to put down. 'Sam's Town' by The Killers is their sophomore follow up to their immensely successful 2004 debut "Hot Fuss". In case you live under a rock or live in North Dakota, "Hot Fuss" ushered in our current wave of synthesizer/dance/pop/new-wavish bands like Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy.

With "Sam's Town", lead singer Brand Flowers, has stated that he was heavily influenced by Bruce Springsteen , U2, and wanted a more over the top arena band sound. While not entirely successful, this album does consist of many operatic Queen-esque moments. Starting with the title track, which ends with an inspiring multi-track chorus, I felt a sense of presence and energy. Their first single, "When You Were Young" is extremely catchy and listen for the high pitched piercing guitar solo. On "For Reasons Unknown", Flowers vocals' are superb and match the rhythm perfectly. "Read My Mind" is a shimmering love song that will be stuck in your head for hours. "Uncle Johnny" tells the story of cocaine addicted uncle but misses the mark with too many vocal effects. On "Bones", the addition of horns mixed with sing-a-long lyrics, makes this standout track. Also, the Tim Burton directed video is excellent. "This River is Wild" is packed with sledgehammer chords that gave me chills even while listening on my iPod. The record ends with the aptly titled "Exitlude" which gracefully concludes with a crescendo of piano and trailing vocals.

"Sam's Town" was released in October but only recently did I find myself hitting repeat. Far from perfect, "Sam's Town" has already been tossed into the "sophomore slump" bin, but this record has grown on me and I hope you give it a second chance too.

Listen and Purchase via


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The Northeast's Hottest?

All 3 of us grew up in a suburb of Northeastern Philly. For those of you unfamiliar with that specific area, you're not alone. The northeast has never quite had any traits or characteristics that could be identified as being a unique part of the city. The white trash? Go to Kensington. Culture? We once had a Crazy Eddie's...

But that's all changed with the advent of GAMBLING in Philly Park! This is the same semi-famed park Smarty Jones came from, so since it couldn't go down in history as the home to a triple crown winner, its now the place where the dreams of hitting a triple 7 on a slot machine will be crushed along with all the other trifecta betting tickets of so many creepy, creepy old pedophiles. And if that's not enough to get you to make your way down the boulevard, look! It's skanky waitresses!!!! This will surely put us on the map. And if there's one table game I'd want to see, I'd want the game where you can bet on the ethnicity of the broad on the far right.

miss usa = michael irvin

According to, Miss USA will continue her reign after alleged cocaine abuse.

I applaud Donald's decision not to fire her. She has not done worse than other celebrities or athletes and this country is based on giving second chances to people, especially people who are
really hot.

If Michael Irvin was permitted to have lewd sex with prostitutes in tawdry hotels in Dallas while snorting cocaine, I see no reason why this woman should be so severely punished, especially since she is really hot.