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Saturday, December 27, 2008

a sober Don Nelson didn't see this coming

The Boston Celtics experienced their second indisputable shitty loss (the Pacers being the other one) last night as they fell 99-89 to the Golden State Warriors at the Oracle Arena.

Playing without Corey Maggette, Monta Ellis and Jamal Crawford, the Warriors (9-22) picked up their biggest win of the season thus far.

Stephen Jackson led Golden State with a game-high 28 points (15 in the fourth) and seven rebounds while Marco Belinelli (some Italian bozo) aided 22 points. That eclectic duo was added by Ronny Turiaf, who had 14 points and eight rebounds.

It was a strange game as Boston (27-4) seemed to be firmly in control for most of the game until they completely unraveled in the fourth quarter.

Paul Pierce led the C's with 21 points, Kevin Garnett had 14 points and Leon Powe made the most of his start (Kendrick Perkins sat out with a sore shoulder, gulp) by putting up 12 points and seven rebounds. Rajon Rondo flirted with a triple-double (11 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists) but he also registered a troubling seven turnovers.

The Celts led 29-19 after the first quarter and it looked like they'd cruise. Boston took a 51-39 lead into halftime. The Warriors started to make their move in the third (25-21) before the mind-numbing fourth (35-17).

Golden State seemingly couldn't miss in the fourth and they also got to the line and converted at will. Conversely, the Celtics struggled to get the offense started when it counted and to make matters worse, Ray Allen (7 points) fouled out. It was Ray's worst game since the playoffs.

With two more stops on this West Coast trip, the Celts will look to get things back under control tomorrow night in Sacramento against the Kings (another very winnable game).

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