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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well shucks, I guess LeBron isn't hurt after all

Is there a bigger fraud in sports these days than LeBron James? I see you A-Rod but since you won the World Series last fall you proved many people (myself included) wrong.

Nobody gets a bigger free pass than LeBron, exhibit A would be his "hurt" elbow. If Cleveland falls short and doesn't win the championship this season, he can just say he's hurt. And if they do win, he'll look like a hero. Oh and the crazy part, his elbow is fine.

LeBron proved that in about one quarter last night in Cleveland's 124-95 win over the Celtics in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals at the TD Garden. This completely wiped out the good feelings from Boston's Game 2 win.

He scored 21 of his game-high 38 points in the first quarter and the Cavs completely embarrassed Boston, handing them the worst playoff loss in franchise history. James also had eight rebounds, seven assists, two blocks and he played 39 minutes. So yeah, get a new storyline.

All five Cavaliers starters were in double figures: Antawn Jamison (20 points, 12 rebounds), Shaq (12 points), Mo Williams (12 points) and Anthony Parker (11 points). Old friend Delonte West added 14 points.

Kevin Garnett had his third straight good game with 19 points. Rajon Rondo notched 18 points and eight assists while Paul Pierce scored 11. In extended garbage time, Nate Robinson had 11 points and Tony Allen scored 10.

The C's will have to put this one behind them quickly since their most important game of the season (Game 4) is on Sunday afternoon: win and they're right back in the series, lose and it'll probably be over in five games, it's just that simple.

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