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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One of the most pathetic wins you'll ever see

Due to some problems connecting to the Internet today, I had more time to digest the Patriots-Bills game from yesterday before I put my thoughts online.

Nothing changed as the did that really happen question lingered in my head.

Yes the Pats (2-1) won 38-30 at Gillette Stadium against the Bills (0-3) but it's hard to remember a much less satisfying win.

Sure New England's offense looked great and I couldn't be happier to have Danny Woodhead on our side but could the defense be any worse?

Today Buffalo released Trent "Captain Checkdown" Edwards and you know why he was expendable? Because former Harvard star Mark Zuckerberg I mean Ryan Fitzpatrick torched them for 247 yards and two touchdowns.

If he didn't throw two terrible picks in the fourth quarter, the Bills might have snapped their 13-game losing streak to the Patriots but here we are.

Ridiculous haircut not withstanding, Tom Brady can still tear it up (especially against the sisters of the poor) to the tune of 252 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

The good news for Pats fans is that the offense looks potent, at least when they're not playing the Jets and throwing it deep to Moss on every play.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis got the start and he had his best regular season game in almost two years with 98 yards rushing on 16 carries. The aforementioned Woodhead made his Patriots debut, carrying the ball three times for 42 yards, including a 22-yard run.

Moss only had two catches but they both went for touchdowns, Aaron Hernandez had a team-high six catches and 65 yards, Wes Welker caught four balls for 45 yards and Rob Gronkowski had 42 yards receiving and another touchdown.

As good as the offense looked, the defense was equally head-scratching and just plain awful, making the Bills (one of the worst teams in the league with one of the most wretched offenses) look like the Colts.

Rian Lindell, the Bills' excellent kicker, gave Buffalo an early 3-0 lead in the first quarter. Brady responded with a 7-yard touchdown to Moss that was too easy.

After another 39-yard field goal by Lindell, Buffalo went ahead in the second quarter thanks to a 5-yard catch and run from Fitzpatrick to rookie running back C.J. Spiller.

Woodhead provided what will surely be one of the most memorable plays of the season with his 22-yard score in the second quarter, which gave New England a 14-13.

The tiny running back that won over America this summer during Hard Knocks with the Jets proved that he has some serious game. Plus with Kevin Faulk done for the season, he could very well have a role on this team.

Lindell's 34-yard field goal put the Bills up 16-14 right before the half but Stephen Gostkowski hit a 43-yarder as time ran out in the first half.

As everyone knows, the second half has been a twilight zone for this team last season and so far this season, sadly yesterday was no exception.

Brady and Moss connected again on the first drive of the second half, a 35-yard dart between a couple Bills defenders.

On the ensuing kickoff, Spiller went 95 yards for the score. The terrible angles and tackle attempts that plague the Pats' defense was evident on the return. That shouldn't be a surprise since many of the same starters play special teams too. Yikes!

Gronkowski's 5-yard touchdown catch late in the third quarter put New England up 31-23 and Green-Ellis added to that with his 7-yard touchdown run midway through the fourth quarter.

The fact that the Patriots couldn't finally step on Buffalo's throats then and end it is horrifying enough. Some clown named Steve Johnson caught a 37-yard touchdown pass from Fitzpatrick and after a three-and-out, the Bills got the ball back with the chance to tie it.

Is this real life? For the second time, the Patriots' defense made a play or more accurately caught an interception that was thrown right at them. Patrick Chung (7 tackles) had the first one and Brandon Meriweather closed it out with the second one.

Jerod Mayo also made an appearance, recording a sack (the second of his career, really?) and nine tackles, six solo.

Even though the Jets (2-1) won in Miami on Sunday night, the Dolphins (2-1) proved that they are on the same level as New York and probably a step ahead of the Pats.

New England heads to Miami on Monday night for what should be a very tough road game. In the past decade when the Dolphins were miserable, they always seemed to give New England problems and now they're a legitimate contender in the AFC East.

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