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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Only in Boston would Brian Scalabrine get a standing ovation

At a jaded 27 years old, it takes a lot to surprise me these days. However, I was at the Celtics-Bulls game last night at the TD Garden and I have to say that I was shocked at what I heard from the Massholes around me.

Former Celtics assistant coach Tom Thibodeau was back in town for the first time as Chicago's head coach. Along with him was former Celtics joker Brian Scalabrine. Naturally, when they were both introduced on the HD scoreboard with tribute videos, Thibodeau didn't get much of a reaction (even though he deserved it, since he was the defensive mastermind of the last couple seasons) while Scal (one of the most useless players in the NBA, albeit a funny, self-aware one) received a standing ovation.

Yikes. I guess all you can say is the the pink hats that have taken over Red Sox games at Fenway Park, have found their way to the Garden when the weather gets cold. I don't think it was about being ironic too, no, no, people genuinely thought Scal deserved the applause. Is this real life?

Anyways, it was a hell of a game as the Celts (5-1) won 110-105 in overtime.

Much like the Hawks, the Bulls (2-3) are one of those teams that for whatever reason, matches up well with the C's. Surprisingly, it wasn't even all about Derrick Rose (18 points, 9 assists) although he had his highlights. Joakim Noah had a game-high 26 points and 12 rebounds. Luol Deng added 20 points and six rebounds while Taj Gibson notched 18 points and seven rebounds.

Ray Allen led Boston with 25 points, including a rare dunk in OT. Kevin Garnett added 16 points and 10 rebounds, Jermaine O'Neal scored 12 points, Rajon Rondo had 10 points and 11 assists while Paul Pierce was off all night with 10 points, seven rebounds and five assists.

The bench was the story though for the C's as Glen Davis (15 points), Marquis Daniels (13 points) and Nate Robinson (7 points) outscored Chicago's bench 37-19.

The Bulls led 23-19 after an ugly first quarter but the Celtics exploded in the second quarter (30-15) for a 49-38 lead. Boston increased their lead up to 16 in the third quarter before the inevitable Bulls run (26-23 Chicago third quarter). It seemed like Chicago couldn't miss in the fourth quarter (32-24) and as a result, it went to overtime. The Bulls actually had the ball on the last possession with a chance to win it but Rondo knocked it away from Rose.

Boston goes to Oklahoma City tomorrow night, the tough start of a four-game road trip.

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J-Res said...

It really amazes me how outsiders really fail to understand Boston fans. We cheer for Scal because he was part of the team, period. We love our teams all the way down to the D-Leaguers! Throw in the fact that Scal was a very hard worker and vet leader for the young guys (Hence, why Thibs brought him to Chicago).

Alot of people don't understand it because they are used to just the "stars" getting the "star treatment" from fans. Ie. LA fans always love Kobe, but only like Odem and Artest when they are playing good. You see, Boston is different as in we credit hard work. If someone is giving 100% we notice it, and still cheer for them regardless if there 100% is what you like to call "useless." Case in point: Watch Nate Robinson right now. He has been sucking ass this season, yet he consistently gets applause when coming in and out of games. The only players we don't like are the lazy ones who give no effort, like Patrick O'Bryant, Mikki Moore, and now Von Wafer. Scal was a trooper! He always did what was asked of him, never complained, and busted his ass! Ie. Didn't play all playoffs, but gets thrown in to game 7 in the finals for the final seconds of the half. He busts his ass, plays the best possible defense of his life and gets a stop on Odem. That is why we love Scal!

As far as Thibs, it is obvious what Thibs has done for us. He basically created the defense that's made us one of the best defensive teams in the league for 3 years! The problem is, you can't expect all but half of 18,000 people to know who he is. Believe me, the ones who do have nothing but strong adoration and respect for him and wish him nothing but success with Chicago (unless it's the playoffs, then your by yourself Thibs... Sorry...).